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  Jiu Valley History




Political Economy of Lupeni/Jiu Valley (up until 2000)

The Jiu Valley

The Jiu Valley is Romania’s principal coal mining region. Two other areas in Romania have some surface mining, while the Jiu Valley contains deep shaft underground mines. While providing only 12% of the Romania’s supply of coal (2000 est.), the Jiu Valley is the only region in Romania both completely urbanized and reliant on a single industry.

Coal mining has been long been the heart and economic lifeline for the Jiu Valley. The development of coal mining started in the Jiu Valley about 150 years ago around the middle of the 19th century when Polish, Czech and German workers were brought from all parts of the Habsburg Empire to work in the coalmines. The mines were privately owned until the end of the Second World War when... (click here to access the rest of the text in PDF format).

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